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(See Section 53a-128 for criminal penalties; Section 52-565a(i), as modified by Public Act 03-196, for civil penalties).

Fraudulent Cashier's Checks - Beware of scams involving fraudulent cashier's checks, money orders and other official-looking bank checks.

Checks are written orders that we use to tell our bank or other depository institutions to pay money or to transfer funds from our account to a check-holder. You can avoid a risk of later forgery by following these suggestions: Sometimes we encounter problems when we write or receive checks.

We may find our checking account becomes overdrawn or we may receive a check that "bounces." Depository institutions must also deal with check problems, including fraud and losses from bounced checks.

Banks can refuse to cash a check, even a check that is issued by the government.

When a bank cashes a check, in effect it makes a short-term, interest-free loan.

The time frames depend on many factors, including the type of deposit (check, wire transfer, cash), whether the check is drawn on a "local" or "non-local" institution, and the amount of the check.

We've summarized certain key legal points within the text for your benefit.

All references on this page are to sections and titles of the Connecticut General Statutes, unless otherwise noted.

Copies of relevant statutes may be found either on this website or on-line at the Connecticut General Assembly.

Or, for more information about the rules governing the availability of funds, contact the Federal Reserve System.

Bad checks - A person is guilty of issuing a bad check when he or she passes a check with knowledge that there are insufficient funds to cover it and payment is refused upon presentation.

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