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I tried to stuff it into an XDocument, but got a conversion error.Load("doc1.xml") Dim x Doc2 As XDocument = XDocument.Text, True) to direct the user to the default Url page set in d web.config file.This is gonna drive us crazy vb Code: Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.To String() Dim al As Array List al = CType(Session("Answer List"), Array List) al.I would really apppricate it if any 1 can help me out If I command like this Session.add("name",object); Session.add("name",object); It will overwritter the old value of name or create another instance in memory.How can I prevent the Grid View being shown till a new binding taken place Thank you.We tried both, using network serrvice account and a custom account.

Web; [assembly: CLSCompliant(true)] namespace Prod Data Access { public class Data Access { string Connection String = Configuration Settings.NET Forum so that other people can learn from the experience too. -Frinny You may need to turn off validation even if you are not validating anything.It seems like the Java Script can get mangled otherwise.Correct Then correct = 1 End If Next Dim score As Double = (correct / questions) * 100 Label1.Any records the do not fall withing authorized cost code will not be selected or shown.

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