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”), it’s important to note that – at least in my experience – there are 2 important stages of attraction for a man: The physical is important for us – it’s kind of the GATE that she must pass through in order to have the opportunity to show us her more feminine/emotional side which is the part that will lead to long-term attraction and connection.. He’s able to talk to people in a relaxed way because nothing life-shattering is at stake. He needs no external validation, his energy is intact., more than anything else, will trigger female attraction.

The additional income from work may both relieve some stress and give the mother the ability to provide greater advantages (education, healthcare) to her children.Feminine psychologists argue that, since women often neglect their own needs to satisfy the demands of these roles, they will neglect their health (Hansen et al., 2002). Jennifer Stuart, sometimes the history of the woman affects how she chooses to balance the two roles, or if she will balance at all.Specifically, Stuart asserts that the primary determinant is a woman's "quality of her relationship with her mother.Women whose mothers fostered feelings of both warm attachment and confident autonomy may find ways to enjoy their children and/or work, often modifying work and family environments in ways that favor both" (Stuart, 2008).Some women have no choice other than to work while raising children because of financial need. In either case, women are making compromises in their careers so that they can balance paid work and motherhood responsibilities.

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You must be able to think outside of your psychology, and into hers.

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