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Your Class1 needs a reference to the original instance of... c#,.net,winforms,printing This code doesn't actually print something, it's using the Shell to send a Print command to whichever program the user has installed to handle pdfs. The process will finish as soon as the verb is sent. c#,winforms,oledb,dbf _Null Flags is a private field that is used by the dbf to keep track of which fields can have a Null value.c#,winforms,textbox,windows-forms-designer,form-control In C# Window application, control values are render after event is executed. If you really don't want it, try adding a not null after every field: Best N(5) not null, Aanb N(5) not null, ... c#,.net,winforms,youtube,youtube-api You're trying to call a v2 URL (the one that starts with https://gdata), which no longer exists.c#,winforms,layout That's what a Split Container is for. Instead it has a dictionary of indexed property objects, where each object has a label property with value equal to the name of property you seek, and an adjacent value property... This is certainly one of them, nothing pleasant happens when the user wildly bangs on the button to try to get something noticeable to happen. c#,.net,winforms The problem is you're trying to enable or disable the button when checking individual textboxes and they're conflicting with each other, instead the logic needs to be at a higher level. That's what represents the Member Descriptor class here. c#,.net,sql-server,winforms,sqldependency There's quite a few limitations with Sql Dependency. Somehow C# knew that I was calling the SFD from an exiting routine even when I started another thread. Command Text = "SELECT Cellphone FROM tbl_applicant where Gender='Female';" myr = mycom.

More information about it is available in section ST_XAlign (Horizontal Alignment Location) of Open Office XML.Best regards, Yaroslav In MS Word, when the users type an asterisk or 1., the application recognizes that they are trying to start a bulleted or numbered list and modifies the content automatically.Expose such a functionality in Rad Rich Text Box as well..net,vb.net,winforms,datagridview,datatable what can I do to manage a Data Source instead of directlly manage the rows collection of the control A Class and a collection are pretty easy to implement as a Data Source and will also it will be pretty easy to modify your Move Up/Dn methods for it. vb.net,multithreading,winforms The reason is that you are referring to the default instance in your second code snippet.Default instances are thread-specific so that second code snippet will create a new instance of the Form1 type rather then use the existing instance. Multi Select == false the above line effectively sets the current cell, not just the...

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I've spent several hours reading through Telerik's documentation on I eventually figured out the answer to this question by reading through some old help threads at Telerik's forums.

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