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But it is not anymore if I set a Db Selected Date on page_load, and I can't figure out why. In order to avoid this you should use the following condition for setting the Db Selected Value property: Hello Arnaud, I am not sure that I understand what you mean with your last post.

Although that your Rad Date Picker does not initiates a postback, when you need to retrieve the value on some event (like a button's On Click event), that event will fire on postback and the Page's Load event will also be fired.

In your XAML namespace declarations you have to add the namespace of your converter, for example: If you are bind not nullable datetime variable i.e (Date Time) to control then it will use default 01/01/001 date instead of Empty....

So if you want the default value as a Empty then just change the datatype of your variable which is bound to control to (Date Time?

When my users select a date via the Calander control within the Date Picker, the value gets correctly bound to the underlying object.

BUT, if the user types the date within the Date Picker, then clicks a button, the text is not set to the Selected Date property.

How can I change the selected date of jquery Date picker dynamically on the fly? Then after some time, I want to reflect a different date there without recreating the datepicker from the scratch.

I tried the set Date method, but did not work, and there is not much documentation in the doc. ) plugin here, but I want to use the plugin which is shipped with

This is probably a bit late, but I've been stuck on this for a while now.Do you have any j Query or Javascript-related errors in the Console of your browser when you try to use the Developer Tools (F12)?As seen in the example above, it should be working, the only thing that might be throwing it for a loop could be the Calendar not properly triggering the age event.I have overridden the default template for date picker control only style for datepicker textbox is changed.Now, the problem is when I select a date through calender it got displayed in text box through binding.

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