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For all these reasons, contrasting dates have been reached in the ongoing chronological debate concerning the Iron Age.A decisive solution is far from being accomplished.Since these “long-term” samples may introduce the “old wood” effect, any calculation of precise absolute dates based on “long-term” samples is unreliable and may easily lead to errors of up to several decades or even more.For this reason, researchers prefer to use “short-life” samples, such as seeds, grain or olive pits. In many studies, particular radio-carbon dates are not considered valid because they do not match the majority of dated samples from the site in question. Faced with a date for Qeiyafa that confirms the traditional high Bible chronology, the low chronology “minimalists” now desperately argue that Qeiyafa was a Philistine fort tied to the kingdom of Gath, not a border fortress of the early Judahite state. There’s been a lot of debate around the issue of Bible chronology, which more specifically relates to the era of the reigns of David and Solomon.Is radiocarbon dating accuracy indeed more reliable to determine Bible chronology than traditional dating methods that rely on archaeological evidence that looks at strata context? The material’s period of growth might be many decades from the era in which it was used or reused, say, in building construction.Ultimately, radiocarbon dating accuracy for calculating Iron Age dates, and consequentially Bible chronology, has varied from researcher to researcher.When it comes to Bible chronology, the difference between a “high” and “low” chronology is a matter of mere decades, not centuries. Other opinions place the transition somewhere between the two—in about 950 B. The date is important because the date you choose will determine whether David and Solomon reigned in the archaeologically poor and archaeologically poorly documented Iron I or in the comparatively rich and richly documented Iron IIa.

The results, depending on the calibration, can be quite different. Naturally, different statistical models for interpretation of the same data will produce different results. After processing the data with all these scientific tools, most archaeologists “improve” the given dates in accordance with broader archaeological and historical considerations.In short, radiocarbon is not the be-all and end-all of the problem.Let’s not ignore traditional archaeological dating methods. Dating in the Ancient World Biblical Studies in the Digital Age Digital Humanities and the Ancient World Archaeological Views: New Eyeballs on Ancient Texts Archaeological Views: Pottery in the Computer Age Tags: archaeological archaeological evidence archaeological finds archaeologist archaeologists Archaeology archaeology review bib arch org Bible bible chronology bible history bible history daily Biblical biblical arch Biblical Archaeology Biblical Archaeology Review biblicalarchaeology Cyber Archaeology in the Holy Land The Future of the Past holy land iron age jerusalem judah khirbet qeiyafa king david low chronology philistine qeiyafa radiocarbon dating accuracy solomon tel aviv the holy land what is radiocarbon dating Dig into the illuminating world of the Bible with a BAS All-Access membership.Based on the material finds it is possible to compare sites and regions and create a cultural-chronological horizon.In some cases today scholars are comparing radiocarbon dates, even before publishing the finds.

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In other words the particular sample is either too late or too early No doubt the rejection of certain dates as “outliers” and their exclusion from the model may lead to different dates.

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