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We’re all guilty of charging our smartphone overnight while sleeping.

Here’s the thing though: keeping it plugged in after 100% degrades your battery life.

Android more so than i OS, but that’s not to say your i Phone can’t become infected. Apple’s already gone on record warning consumers that using non-Apple power adapters and USB cables can lead to safety issues such as burns and electrocutions.

Invest in a streak-free cleaner or Otterbox’s Alpha Glass screen protector to keep the retina display looking sharp.

"Couldn’t resist modifying your i Phone to run Android or play Game Boy games, huh? Now you can’t receive future software updates or security patches.

All those unofficial apps you downloaded from the Web... Oh yeah, did I mention jailbreaking causes i OS to crash on occasion as well?

With over 700 million sold globally, the i Phone will go down as one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century.

And like every great invention, it's destined to suffer abuse and misuse -- eventually becoming devoid of functionality by way of broken screens and unintended trips into the toilet.

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Only problem is Apple’s smartphones are temperature sensitive.

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