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Etiquette of Visiting a Sick Person: The Hospital is a special site for healing the wounded and rescuing the dying.Therefore, before going to a hospital, one should have a clear understanding of the ward the sick person is in and the bed number so that you do not make inquiry at all places and hence disturb the composure of the hospital.However, Cantonese avoid the even number "four" as taboo, for "four" sounds like "death" in Cantonese, which is not appropriate. Though white has the meaning of purity and flawlessness, the Chinese people tend to abstain from it, because in China, white is often regarded as the color of great sorrow and poverty.Similarly, black is considered to be inappropriate.Attention should be paid to some etiquette when taking part in a memorial service.

Now a memorial service is generally held to show condolences for the dead.

There is a prevalent saying in China that happy events come together.

Hence, whenever an event of great rejoicing and congratulation occur, the gifts will be all sent in even numbers and accordingly those sent in odd numbers should be avoided as taboo.

The second category is the festival customs and festival celebration etiquette: including Spring Festival etiquette, Tomb-sweeping etiquette, Dragon Boat etiquette, the Double Ninth Festival etiquette, Mid-autumn Day etiquette, wedding etiquette, funeral and interment etiquette and birthday celebration etiquette.

The third category is the business etiquette: including conference etiquette, negotiation etiquette, guest welcoming and seeing-off etiquette, and knowledge of negotiation taboos, etc.

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