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Gosling gained wider recognition in 2004 with a leading role in the commercially successful romance The Notebook.For playing a drug-addicted teacher in Half Nelson (2006), he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor, and he next played a socially inept loner in Lars and the Real Girl (2007). He had every script that he’d ever done leather-bound. He began his career as a child star on the Disney Channel's The Mickey Mouse Club (1993–1995), and went on to appear in other family entertainment programs, including Are You Afraid of the Dark? His first starring film role was as a Jewish neo-Nazi in The Believer (2001), and he went on to star in several independent films, including Murder by Numbers (2002), The Slaughter Rule (2002), and The United States of Leland (2003).Watts Towers, for instance, we got to shoot at, as well. We got to sneak a lot of these places in this film. The way I engage with the film is through the screenplay. From there he kept portraying leading characters including the drug-addicted teacher in Half Nelson, a performance that got him an Academy Award nomination.He is a co-owner of Tagine, a Moroccan restaurant in Beverly Hills, California.

At the age of 17 he dropped out of school to focus on his acting career.

Where did you live when you moved to LA the first time? I’m lucky to have a job where I can explore the new versions of Los Angeles that I find as time goes on. A lot of people have a dream for their life, and their destination is Los Angeles to make that a reality. It’s whether I find the story compelling and if I have an emotional connection to the character.

I was very lucky that I had worked as a kid with a director named Ron Oliver. I don’t think I can break that Canadian part of me. Those people don’t know if it’s a premonition or delusion. One of the strengths of this film is that, although it’s a musical, it’s really about these two people and their relationship.

We were lucky that they opened it up for us and got to shoot there for this film. Are you the type who dances at the sight of a beautiful sunset?

There are many other wonderful romantic places in Los Angeles.

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