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The law requires that adult businesses have no more than one sign, and that it be no larger than eight square feet.

Signs have to be plain, too, with no decorative art and "alphanumeric copy only." No doubt pleasure seekers in this part of the world must use infrared technology to determine where the action is.

You don’t have to leave the house or get dressed up to pick someone up that you don’t even know.

Here you can find all the singles you’ve been searching for.

The Champ Arcade (The Adult Superstore) advertised Live Girls, and around the corner was a club that boasted 50 BEAUTIFUL GIRLS & 3 UGLY ONES!

Another sign alerted one to the fact that Nina Deponca, the XXX STAR [one of the most famous African Americans in the porn business], was playing Seattle LIVE IN PERSON!

" When you look down First Avenue these days, all you see are boutiques and condominiums.

It had nothing to do with our mild weather or our supposed Scandinavian temperaments, nor did it happen naturally, simply because patrons lost interest or were dissuaded by AIDS, as was the case in San Francisco.

Where are the areas designated for the business of pleasure, where a person can buy a dildo or doll, watch a healthy hunk do his erotic moves, peek at pretty girls dancing in mirrored rooms, squeeze with both hands the big breasts of a famous porn star "playing Seattle LIVE IN PERSON," or see onscreen men and women, women and women, or men and men performing sexual acts 24 hours a day?

The size of a city's pleasure market is so important that often it defines its identity.

Montreal, for example, is a voluptuous city -- along its main downtown thoroughfare, Saint Catherine Street, porn shops and erotic clubs thrive.

There's even a mega club with a towering sign that reads "Super Sex." Salt Lake City, on the other hand, is not voluptuous at all -- whatever sex industry may exist is hard to find due to its excessive "sexually oriented businesses" zoning ordinance, which goes so far as to regulate the type of lettering appearing on signs and placards.

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