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This time, after houseguest Ian Alliance NE sex dating Pandora's Box, Jessie came and took all the houseguests' Alliance NE sex dating food away.Keesha is a member of PETA and doesn't eat red meat. Keesha won her first Ho H competition in Week 3 following the departure of Steven, with whom she had grown very close.I'm a fat ass plane and simple and fucking proud of it. You haters can hate you lovers can love all my chubbiness. Keesha won her second Ho H in Week 7 nominating Jerry and Ollie, making her the first houseguest of season 10 to hold the role twice.

Memphis and Dan formed an alliance and named it "The Alliance NE sex dating.

In Week 4, Keesha aligned herself with Dan, Memphis and Renny, as well as her previous ally Libra, and was pivotal Alliancr the move to evict Jessie instead of Memphis.

However, this resulted in her being nominated along with Libra by Single women seeking in Bridgeport New Jersey in Week 5, though Libra was evicted in a vote.

Jessie was given the opportunity to join the Big Brother 11 houseguests at the first head of household competition.

His clique, the athletes, won the competition, so Jessie became the 13th houseguest of Big Brother He was then evicted Alliance NE sex dating Day 40 by a vote of Alliance NE sex dating became first member of the jury.

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