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Anyway, I figure they were both in their early twenties. Jasmine is an adult now, but even as her fellow gym leaders mature and begin exploring their sexuality, she remains notoriously shrewish and abrasive towards romance and sex. Yet, it was completely inadequate in conveying the excruciating emotional pain gripping my heart and my mind, like shackles of thorned vines. His eyes never left me, although they strayed up and down my figure. His diatribe wasn't nearly finished."Three years now, constant, constant bitching about how the world hates you. I didn't care."His voice calmed a little bit."What I saw when I first looked at you was a frail little girl needing help. I can go back to those middle school years, much wiser now, and able to create happiness out of the chaos. Look at everything he's done since we met again at the gala: saved me from my stupidity. He is someone who can stand my personality, and indeed, seems to thrive off of it. ""No, that's-" He pounded down on the nightstand with his palm, silencing me. As if there was anything in your actions that ever made me believe you had the remotest inkling of interest. I caught my self with my hands, managing to retain a seated position while Ed stood over me."Am I ugly? At least, at the very least, I was given a way forward, to move on and enjoy life once again. He has also gotten a little more mature and considerate in his actions too, so that's good. Now that I've come to terms with my sexuality, and decided which half of the prudish/perverted divide to embrace (the perverts), I can take Morty's sexual idiosyncrasies and enjoy them, rather than become confused and disgusted by them. Yet, he doesn't understand that his substitute struck a chord so much deeper than the word "Love", a word bandied about so much by so many it's become meaningless. Even that should be taken care of by modern advances. You not only have Pokémon that are strong, but they put up with your Tauros-shit training and unreasonable demands and still love you! I convinced myself I could be your bastion of hope, the one thing you could count on. I'm not like every other shallow, self-absorbed cad who butted into your personal space asking for a date based solely on your looks. The only thing I ever hoped for, the thing, was that you would stop and consider the three years of friendship and affection I've given to you, and all the things I've sacrificed for your sake, and then give me the barest chance to prove I could love you better than any man in the world! But I know exactly why you rejected me, and knowing how unfair, sickly selfish, self-absorbed, self-pitying, self-serving your reason is, it makes me want to explode. This was not the overly-formal, overly-polite, overly-apologetic coworker I had known the past four years. I know you want to talk about things, and we can, on the plane. "I wasn't convincing him."Look, I'm sorry," I said."You've never once been sorry for a single thing you've done, so shut that lying mouth up," he said. There's not one girl in school who wouldn't defer to you, not one teacher who wouldn't praise you, not one guy who wouldn't date you! And yet, all you've done is complain about the so-called 'stress' you're under! And the most ungrateful."I didn't want to speak, out of fear he would lash out at me again. I looked past your faults and found everything I wanted in a woman. I never expected you to find me attractive or laugh at my jokes. He showed no signs of moving, either towards or away from me. I could even forgive you if you had turned me down because of my behavior tonight. They let fourteen year olds travel across the region for their Pokémon journey, but that was only during the summer, when school is out. I have trouble figuring out what I can do to help others. I think Morty is the kind of guy who has the patience to let you figure it out. Besides, when Morty [REDACTED] you cringed- in a good way. A few travelers were pushing past me, on their way to get on or getting off."What do I really want?

Please visit my profile for a link to Archive of Our Own, where this chapter can be read unblemished. Like your leg when you've sat on it for too long and cut off the blood flow, but all over. You don't give a fuck about anyone around you, how you screw with them, their feelings, their generosity.""I don't know what I've done to make you this upset, but please don't take out your anger-""I told you to shut up! You've even got your own personal piggy bank from your substitute Gym Leader stipend. And none of the terrible crap would have happened, because I would be wise enough to handle it better. That doesn't mean I'm not bitterly disappointed with my childhood. Men feel this urge quite strongly and regularly, I am made to understand. Denying Morty the chance to copulate is probably my most annoying trait as a girlfriend. All the adults persistently lectured me about the dangers of sex, and sought to conceal its advantages. Whined about your poverty when everyone knows your dad is a senior manager with a fat paycheck. Then I would not have reacted to that bastard in the same way, I think. You're supposed to accept what is what isn't, Jasmine. It's as simple as physical pleasure, driven by lust, which is a natural instinct. From my mother: sex would bring the condemnation of society down upon my head. I hoped, honest-to-god I hoped, that you would get over yourself someday and start living again. You have the Gym Leader job, you're an adult, you're graduating high school. You're not tied to one dipshit you barely knew for a month.""Please stop.""But if you keep pissing away your life because of one childish crush gone wrong, you're going to find yourself living a very unhappy, miserable, and life. "I don't want to be burdened by a silly thing that happened so long ago. She's afraid that without it, she'll lose her victim status and crumble apart."Ed suddenly dropped down, close enough I could smell his breath."What happened at the lighthouse, Jazz? Yet, his mood and tone betrayed absolutely no perverted motive in his thoughts."I was sure Ed had molested you," Morty admitted."Why would you think that? ""Forget about it."Morty growled and put his hands to his temples in frustration."So damn close! There is an algebra equation, I forget how it goes (I'm so terrible at math! Warren was supposed to use that to beat you and help others beat you, in order to make you fail your win ratio quota and get you fired. Ed knew what he was doing and played him like a fiddle."I nodded along."People change," I reminded myself."What's that? He started rumors about me, saying I was into bestiality, and tried turning my friends against me." I grumbled at that last part. He probably invested too much emotion into it.""He worked with you for how long? Summer 2005 to March 2009.""Almost four years," Morty noted. If you let a love go that long without confessing it, it'll consume you. Had I known, I would've been way more careful that night. My eyes drifted to the clock."I ought to go," I said."Your train? He managed to hold me up by the chest, which incidentally caused him to [REDACTED]."Sorry.""It's okay." [CENSORED] Jasmine allows Morty to play with her breast for a moment. ""Back in the changing room.""Here, have my t-shirt." He threw me a plain white t-shirt. I don't know about other girls, but I love shoulders and backs. " he inquired."Of course."The farewell kiss lasted for three minutes and was more of a tongue-on-tongue massage session. I still had time to collect my things, dress, and walk to the train station at a leisurely pace. Familiar landmarks peeped out in between the development of new constructions. It would be darker, but the street lamps gave me ample lighting to find my way. I didn't care what others thought of me, or that I might be too out of breath to actually commit the act. Just, stop."Ed had a good merry laugh at my offer."That's how far you'd go, just to shut me up? ""It's because her obsession with one guy and what he did to her has become her entire identity. Or was it the sort of sex you like to pretend you didn't agree to after the fact? His eyes were held sidelong and downwards, so that it seemed like he was staring at my barely-covered breasts. This is probably something I will never, ever tell you about. Ed had three of his Pokémon transferred to him, as well as some tactical knowledge on your battling style. But the last time I heard from him, he seemed like he was taking a turn for the worse. He'll never know my secrets, and he'll never know how much he means to me- and I'm okay with that. I would miss my ride home.""Oh shucks, that sucks," Morty said sarcastically."Hey Morty.""Hmm? It was good, and pleasing, so much so that I got tired leaning down and fell into his lap. I dreamed of draping myself over that back, massaging it or hugging it tight. It was large enough to come down below my hips, hiding everything taboo."A farewell kiss? The lust-driven procrastination had not cost me too much time.

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"His stare bore down on me, vindictive and dire."It wouldn't be enough for you, would it? You're desperate for something meaningful, a deep and loving relationship with someone you can totally trust and be intimate with, something you never found in your own home. You beating him was fortunate, he was pretty willing to spill the beans.""And? "I don't think it was just the rejection that tipped him over. That's our sad lot.""I won't ask what's up with you," I stated."Good.""That's not going to stop me from wondering, though. I couldn't help but think of what lay underneath."This kind of love.""That's what I've been trying to teach you, since the gala.""I know that.""Well? He unlocked the door with an old-fashioned key and stepped inside. He leaned on the wood, facing towards me."That's that? Not now.""…I thought so."Morty sighed, a deep exhalation of sadness. He poured a glass for himself and slowly sipped it away."It's not that important," I said."What's not? Students and teachers were rushing around in a panic, and all I could think about was how much of a creep this one guy was. It was not the happiest time of my life, not by a long-shot, but it was leaps and bounds better than what my life would become. There was the graduation ball- Morty did ask me out to that. He cracked it open on an iron fence pike, and inside was an iridescent array of aqua-blue geodes. It is certain, however, that if I cannot open my body up to Morty, I will never be able to open up my soul.

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