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This way it doesn't seem like you're stealing a line from a TV show and it's kind of funny!This one is super simple and can be used multiple times until you get the response you want out of it, which is always good on a fast app like Tinder.But this one is kind of funny and not creepy at all, so it would probably work for you at least once.You can never really go wrong by asking a funny question like this in your opening line to get the conversation going.

So you can't go wrong with a funny Harry Potter pun to get the ball rolling.Most of these lines are for guys to use, but who said girls can't test a few of these bad boys out?Most girls will probably get a smile and maybe even a little laugh out of this one.This is one of those classic dad jokes that will probably work a lot of the time.As much as people say they don't like dumb dad jokes like these, they really do and you'll definitely get a laugh out of them.

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This one doesn't make any sense at all - until you think about their response. This line isn't anything special, but if she has a sense of humour, she'll definitely be compelled to answer back and keep the joke going.

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