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(full reference in margins) demonstrates the two ways that religion is actually a pseudoscience.The first is that it relies on empirical claims to buttress its dogma.But who could possibly think that that is independent evidence for an earthquake, since Dante wrote thirteen centuries after Jesus supposedly lived and, of course, based much of his opus on the Bible.The authors, however, fail to cast any doubt on the credibility of their sources.2.(This is in fact how carbon-14 is formed in the atmosphere.) But carbon-14 also decays back to nitrogen by emitting an electron.Carbon 12, the more common isotope of carbon, does not decay.

So, for instance, claims that Jesus was born of a virgin, died, and was resurrected, or that Mohammad went to heaven on a horse, or that Joseph Smith received the golden plates in New York and translated them into English, or that 75 million years ago Xenu loaded his alien minions onto planes resembling DC-8s, or that there is an afterlife and that good people go to Heaven, or that God hears and answers prayers, or that God is benevolent and all-powerful—these are claims about the way the world is.You can see, then, that if a sample were to somehow be able to be infused with extra carbon-14 after it formed, radiometric dating would make it look younger than it really was: for the C-14/C-12 ratio would be abnormally high for a sample of its age. suggest: an earthquake around the supposed time of Jesus’s death (33 A. Those neutrons were captured by the nitrogen in the shroud, producing a higher level of C-14 than would have been there if the shroud were really made at the time of Jesus.That, in turn, would make the shroud look younger than it really was.The third source is Joseph of Arimathea, who, according to the Gospels, donated his own future tomb to Jesus.His “narrative,” a non-canonical Gospel that mentions an earthquake, is not accepted by scholars as independent evidence for the historicity of Jesus; indeed, I can find no credible evidence that this Joseph even lived. cite, of all sources, Dante’s (XXI, Canto: 106-114) as mentioning a big earthquake!

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The second is the Gospel of Matthew, which also mentions an earthquake when Jesus died.

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