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Then hundreds of guests, wearing their finest and most colourful attire, filed into the temple and took their seats to witness Christina and Jesse become husband and wife.

After saying “I do,” Christina and Jesse were eager to let loose and celebrate with their nearest and dearest.

“This song has always been special for Jesse,” Christina admits.

“His friends always phone him when they hear it.” Naturally, Christina decided the tune was ideal for getting the party started, but Jesse didn’t have a clue.

After a whirlwind of pre-wedding engagements, Christina decided to start her modern Sikh wedding wedding day in peace and quiet.

“I chose to get ready at my apartment downtown with two of my girlfriends,” she shares.

It took nearly four hours to complete, but “It was worth every minute,” Christina avows. ” The following day Christina participated in a Maiyan ceremony.

During this traditional rite of passage, Christina’s family members cleansed her face and hands (Jesse completed the same ritual with his family).

For the occasion, a silk sari was transformed into an elegant, luxurious evening gown.Then Christina and more than 200 of her loved ones headed out into the neighbourhood to announce her upcoming wedding.The jubilant procession—complete with singing and drumming—made its way slowly around the block with the beaming bride at the helm.It was such a special and private time when we escaped from the crowds and truly celebrated.The entire day had gone so smoothly, and we couldn’t wait to get on the dance floor,” Christina reminisces.

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  1. We have discussed the topic of marriage, having a child of our own and even adoption. He ended up saying that before going into the military years ago, he “had” to marry his ex. Has this man been supporting his ex all this time, or is she self-supporting? How much money does he think he will owe her if they divorce?