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Most chat programs allow parents to control whether people on their kids' contact list can see their status, including whether they're online.Some chat and email accounts allow parents to determine who can send messages to their kids, and block anyone not on the list.Some of your child's profile may be seen by a broader audience than you — or they — are comfortable with, even if privacy settings are high.Encourage your child to think about the language they use online, and to think before posting pictures and videos, or altering photos posted by someone else.Talk to your kids about the importance of these settings, and your expectations for who should be allowed to view their profile.

Sometimes, though, you don’t want to swipe for a potential soul mate.Let your kids know that it's wrong to create sites, pages, or posts that seem to come from someone else, like a teacher, a classmate, or someone they made up.Tell your kids why it's important to keep some things — about themselves, family members, and friends — to themselves.You can then help them report concerns to the police and to the social networking site.Most of these sites have links for users to report abusive, suspicious, or inappropriate behavior.

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Social networking sites, chat rooms, virtual worlds, and blogs are how teens and tweens socialize online; it's important to help your child learn how to navigate these spaces safely.

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