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Instead, it will display an error message, similar to any other browser error (for example a "page not found" 404 message).

To get past this error page, users have to go through four different steps before they can access the Web site, which from a usability standpoint is far from ideal." The error occurs because Mozilla has decided to take SSL/TLS Web page security to the next level, challenging any certificate that isn't in the Web browser's certificate database, has incorrect information, or is expired.

Because the MIM's public key is associated with the corresponding private key, MIM successfully proves its identity to the client. I have read that the certificate is put into known_hosts file just as the usual public key.

But what's the point of using a certificate if we may use the same public key on all servers in domain, and simply put that public key into client's known_hosts file?

With certificates the client thus does not need to know every server key up-front.

It looks like you assume that the identity of the server is proven by the server demonstrating that he owns the presented public key.Which is why recent news about SSL/TLS certificates and articles like my last one about surf jacking, "HTTPS: Surf Jacking Makes It Vulnerable," are troublesome.The problem, quite simply, is that human intervention is required to verify the authenticity of certain types of certificates.That's why the fingerprint is presented to the client for validation on first connect or if the key has been changed.This means that the fingerprint or public key needs to be known by the client up-front, i.e. What you describe is instead blindly trusting any key presented to the user in the hope but not certainty that it is the correct one (TOFU - trust on first use).

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