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It was a long, hot, traffic emerging from-to a pinpoint on the horizon, but the scenery was breathtaking.

Monday–April 15, 2002 Trail Day–5 Trai Mile–134 The hike today takes me through rural Virginia countryside and along beautiful farm and sparsely populated residential roads.I’ve up my daily dosage of coated aspirin to over 4,000 mg, but it’s helped very little in quieting the griping. My ears are already ringing plenty, not a good sign.Perhaps, if I’m a little easier on them tomorrow, they’ll quiet down for awhile.Late morning I go for my poncho, as numerous rain squalls come rushing through from the ocean.The last two days I’ve been seeing vehicles with front tags, an oval plate that simply says “HI.” Most every driver has been waving and smiling to me, and I’m thinking how great the people are here.

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This journey will be my way of showing the resolve and strength of this great country, to the unwavering principles of freedom and justice for all. Thursday–April 12, 2002 Trail Day–2 Trail Mile–52 I’m out to a cool morning.

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  1. If you at any point felt the need to have the relationship become monogamous and exclusive, it would’ve been on you to discuss that with her. Just because you made out with her, it doesn’t mean that you were tied to a contract.