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Lowery would also play bass on the album under the moniker, "B'urbon Bob". Impressed by John 5 prodigious skill, Roth scheduled a meeting and then scheduled a recording session that lasted two weeks and resulted in the fourteen track DLR Band album.In , while still lead guitarist for Marilyn Manson , Lowery then called John 5 was invited by David Lee Roth to write and record the single non-cover song for Roth's album Diamond Dave.Marlette recommended Grah to Lowery, and so Lowery hopped on a plane to Texas to see the band play. The name Loser came about as an affirmation to Lowery's past: I always had a rock shirt on, and I had that tattoo early on.I looked like a loser because everyone around me was wearing Polo and Brooks Brothers.When he left Loser, Lowery took up the role of Rob Zombie guitarist as a permanent gig. It has been the single greatest experience I have had working with someone, hands down. In April , Fish was announced as the new and permanent drummer.This was also confirmed on the official John 5 website. In July , on his Twitter page, John 5 announced that he is now six tracks into the next solo album.

After the recording of Mechanical Animals , Marilyn Manson was again looking for a guitarist to replace Zim Zum who had been dismissed from the band during the recording process. Following a tour with Rob Halford in Europe, John received a call from Manson's manager asking if he would like to meet Manson for lunch. Lowery accepted and Manson gave him the name "John 5". It was obviously something he'd been thinking about.But now if you go into a club wearing Polo, you're called a loser.So I think everyone can relate to that name, and the album title, Just Like You, sums it up.According to Lowery, the Grotesk Burlesk tour had been a high-pressure endeavour, and just weeks before he had suffered losses of very close family members.Lowery later commented on his behavior, calling it unprofessional and stating that there was no bad blood between Manson and him.

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