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The Mako Gang has just defeated a water dragon and thinks that the worst has passed, even after a disastrous super moon.

Despite both groups feeling that they are hidding something from one another, friendships are formed.

It shouldn’t have been a surprise when it didn’t work, but hope can blind you. Stuck with an unconscious, and injured Mermaid, and with no real ideas on what to do.

They’re untrained, their options are limited and tensions are high.

The mermaids are about to find out there are worse things in the sea to fear than the male of their kind.

The gang, those who actually go to school, aren't overly happy with these new classes that they didn't sign up for and yet have to attend, some more than others.

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One of them had won gold in States in competitive swimming at the age of sixteen, and had little time for her childhood friends, too busy training for the Olympics for much else.Lyla, had been an exception, or at least, thats what she thought Lylacentric Schuester calls The New Directions back after The 2012 Graduation –He has fantastic news of an Invitational - Only what does it mean for The New Directions when half of the choir has already graduated and calling them back now risks exposing a dark secret.Off the coast of Queensland Australia is the ancient volcanic island of Mako. They remain outcast from their pod while they search for a cure that will change a young teenage boy now merman back into his human form."You must have complete control of the ring, or there's no telling what damage it could cause." Moon Rings are dangerous.Too bad it took this much to make that really sink in.

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