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In the present edition, this subject has received careful attention ; and in respect to that large class of names whose pi-onunciation cannot be regarded as settled by usage, an attempt has been made to secure greater consistency by the application of fixed principles. The English edition, at the beginning of each article devoted to a proper name, professes to give "the corresponding forms in the Hebrew, Greek, and Vul- gate, together with the variations in the two great manuscripts of the Septuagint, which are often curious and worthy of notice." But this plan has been very imper- fectly carried out so far as relates to the forms in the Septuagint and Vulgate, especially in the first volume.

The Scrip- ture names reveal to us a striking peculiarity of the oriental mind, and often throw light on the personal history and the geography of the Bible. The accentuation of proper names has required adjustment. Smith's " Concise Dictionary of the Bible " differs here widely from the larger work ; and in both, forms perfectly analogous are differently accented, in many instances, without apparent reason. A., Assistant Secretary of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts.

It is proper to add that the Arabic words in the Dictionary have been revised by the Rev. Van Dyck, one of the translators of the modern Arabic Bible, or by Professor Salisbury, of Yale College. Accordingly, while the requirements of the learned have always been kept in view, quotations from the ancient languages have been sparingly introduced, and generally in paren- theses, so as not to interrupt the continuous perusal of the work. A., Vice-Principal of King Wil- liam's College, Isle of Man ; late Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford.

It is confidently believed that the articles will be found both intelligible and interesting even to those who have no knowledge of the learned languages ; and that such persons will expe- rience no difficulty in reading the book through from beginning to end.

The readings of the Vatican manuscript are very (iii) iv PREFACE TO THE AMERICAN EDITION. The bibliographical references have been greatly increased, and care has been taken to mention the new works of value, or new editions of works in geography, philology, history, and exegesis, in our own or other languages, which have appeared since the original articles were written. Smith's plan, new articles have been inserted in the American edition, with additions to others which seem not fully to represent our present knowledge or the state of critical opin- ion on the subjects discussed. ie Vatican and Alexandrine manuscripts as edited by Mai and Baber, but also those of the two other leading editions of the Septuagint, the Complutensian and the Aldine, and of the Codex Sinalticus, Avhenever the forms given in them accord more nearly with the Hebrew, or on other accounts seem worthy of notice. WILLIAM SMITHS DICTIONARY OF THE BIBLE; COMPRISING ITS ANTIQUITIES, BIOGRAPHY, GEOGRAPHY, AND NATURAL HISTORY. The present edition of the Dictionary seeks to supply these defects ; and not only have the readings of the Roman text (as given by Tischendorf) been carefully noted, with the variations of t!

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