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The signs of digital abuse can include when a partner tags you in humiliating photos, reveals private or embarrassing information about you, or tracks where you go and what you do online.Some abusive partners may even tell you who you can or cannot be friends with on Facebook or other accounts, or demand to know your social media or phone passwords.Equality and balance go hand-in-hand in a healthy relationship, where each dating partner recognizes and supports the other’s choices, individuality and beliefs.In a healthy relationship, both partners take responsibility for their own happiness, never expecting their partner to make them happy.

Your relatives at the Strong Hearts Native Helpline are here for you, too. In a relationship, you may experience new feelings and emotions.A healthy relationship requires communication, honesty, trust, and respect from each partner.Similar to domestic violence, dating violence can involve one or more types of abuse.It can include physical abuse, such as slapping, kicking, strangling or punching.

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