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“From what I understand, a lot of people knew about him being gay long before he came out in the news and the commander kind of ignored rumors he might have heard and didn’t following through in processing.

When someone comes out very publicly as Zoe and Keith did, I think it’s kind of hard for them to ig¬ nore it. It was also made very clear in the recommendation for separa¬ tion that the only evidence of her homosexuality was the one public statement that she made.” Dunning, who received her Masters in Business Adminis¬ tration from Stanford Univer¬ sity last weekend, was accom¬ panied by her sister, Captain Amy Dunning, U. Marine Corps Reserve, who has sup¬ ported her through this pro¬ cess.

Iwata told the Bay Area Reporter that the proposed cuts “will severely impact crit¬ ical services for people with AIDS.” The activists also ex¬ pressed concern that four of eight primary care health clin¬ ics, rape treatment services for women, and one half of all mental health and one third of all substance abuse service clients will find themselves without treatment because of the cuts.“She has put a lot of years in the Navy and we are very proud of her,” Captain Dunning told reporters after the press conference.“The battle is not over,” warned Bonfiglio, “No one has ever won one of these ad¬ ministrative review board proceedings.Among the activists taken into custody were Mike Shriver; Harvey Milk Club member Eileen Hansen; aide to Supervisor Angela Alioto Jerry Windley; Rebecca Hensler; Colley Windsor; homeless youth worker Jason Bishop; and other healthcare advocates, providers, and pa¬ tients.Bad Cop/No Donut member Peggy Sue was tak¬ en into custody but was not arrested because police were unable to identify her as one of those who occupied the mayor’s office.

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“I understand the concerns expressed by ACT UP and a coalition of groups in my of¬ fice this afternoon.

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