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And why not; kids of today take to the mouse or the joystick as earlier generations used to take to plastic bats and balls. From apps for kids to specific posts that cover fun sites, we try to do our bit.Because, more than the child, it’s also the parent who is searching for a safe corner on the web for unadulterated kiddie fun.The most popular ones are those which have the least spacebar skips.You can press “˜F’ for full screen view of the videos.It showcases over two thousand videos covering everything from Einstein to aliens and vampires to Leonardo da Vinci.

In fact, you or your child can select videos by age. Each video gets screened for appropriateness before it features on the online video site.Video websites for kids is a popular search term on the web.Just as adults have the best of television and the online world when it comes to video, so should our kids.National Geographic has a whole channel website dedicated to kids.From funny animal videos to videos that take you to wondrous places, the videos are excellent for education and fun.

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