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(MORE: Will Slut Walks Change the Meaning of the Word ‘Slut’? There is aggregating software, but most of the damage is done by other humans — not evil, psychopathic porn-moguls, but regular bored guys who like being popular.Never was this clearer than when Gawker unmasked a notorious internet troll known as Violentacrez (pronounced violent acres) on Oct 12.Brutsch aren’t enough to take all the joy out of photography, then there are the several pages on Facebook which appropriate girls’ photos or tweets and annotate them with remarks about their sluttiness that range from snide to cruel to violent.On the “12 year old slut meme’s” page on Facebook, which is no longer active (the page owners signed off for good on October 11), two Australian men “Dom” and “James,” took it on themselves to run a westernized version of the Taliban using crude humor.

You might put it the way Internet Watch researcher Sarah Smith does: “If you have 100 friends on Facebook and each of them has 100 friends, are you really sure you want them all to see the photo you’re posting?A sister page lives on, more simply but just as grammatically incorrectly known as “slutmeme’s.” Facebook has not closed down either page, but has removed some offensive material.There are no good options for unmaking this cycle, in which girls — and some boys too — are encouraged to take and post portraits, then are exploited, and/or widely shamed for it. (MORE: Men Have Sex Too) The British Internet Watch Foundation, which works with local police to investigate complaints of online child sexual abuse, recently combed through its database of sites specifically for images that looked like they were self-portraits or self-made videos. There was just one photo as color copies were too expensive for school-age boys. One false step and you’re fed to the Internet trolls.

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