Updating mei bill validators

We do not have a change machine nearby in our location, so players may prefer using the bill acceptor to asking someone behind the counter for change.

If you use one, make sure the settings are correct both on the validator mech itself and in your machine so that it is set for the right number of pulses.

There are a few threads around discussing the merits and costs of a payrange unit.

I heard a rumor that Spike 2 could one day support a Bluetooth payment solution without any extra hardware but who knows.

For new games I’d want at least and capability, especially if you give an extra credit or so for LTG : ) I use the MARS AE2411 in our two new Sterns (Star Wars and Deadpool) and it works great. If you order one, make sure that it comes with the cable harness to connect to Stern’s included cable.

If it doesn’t come with the cable, you can order one separately.

With a bill acceptor that takes care of those types of issues.

When both coin slots are jammed, trust me, a bill acceptor is much needed.

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I wanting to add dollar bill validators to them, but am uncertain as to what kind I need and where to look for one that is the correct size, reliable and compatible with those games. ICT A series bill Acceptor Validators I believe this is what you get when you order one through your distributor.

Quite honestly, as an operator, I’ve stopped buying them, as they are a waste of 0-300.

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