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Approximately 1 hour The Oracle Storage Cloud Service enables businesses to store and manage digital content in the cloud.Stored objects can be retrieved directly by external clients or by applications running within Oracle Cloud Service instances.The Oracle Storage Cloud Service can support objects of virtually any size, but there is a maximum upload size of 5GB.To upload an Object larger than 5GB, the file must first be locally segmented into multiple files smaller than 5GB.The entire executable program is displayed at the end of the tutorial, in the "Examining the Full Example Java Program" section.

This tutorial shows how to upload files larger than 5GB to the Oracle Storage Cloud Service by using the Java library provided in the Oracle Storage Cloud Service Java SDK.Then, you might want to process the whole collection to find out how much money the customer spent.Despite their importance, processing collections is far from perfect in Java.If you remove all references to encoding from this class, it will still work -- the system's default encoding will simply be used instead. Random Access File class file behaves like a large array of bytes stored in the file system.

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