Updating steam

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Before trying yo update, you should determine your current version of the Steam SDK you are already using and consider if you need to update at all. This folder name is indicative of the Steam SDK version you are running.

At the time of this writing, UE4 4.11 uses version v1.32, and the current version of the Steam SDK is v1.36.

Grabbing these redistributables requires the use of the Steam CMD tool.

If you don't do this step, the Unreal Cooker will fail when trying to cook your projects.

Fortunately, there are known fixes for many Half-Life 2 mods.

The process should look something like this: Once that is done, navigate to the folder you created. These are the Steamworks SDK Redistributable files you will need to copy into your engine build.

Similar to above, copy the 64-bit binaries into your Engine's file.

Epic's 4.16 version of UE4 has had its Steam SDK upgraded to v1.39.

This is still one version short of the latest SDK (v1.40) at the time of this writing but its significantly more recent. I'm not sure how relevant the original post is now.

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Please note that you should only need to update the Steam SDK if you need newer features of the Steam platform, such as better Steam Controller support.

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