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Note: In the Table of Contents, text formatted as Heading 1 will be your top level entries followed by Heading 2, Heading 3, etc. Place the cursor where you would like the table of contents to be inserted. Press CTRL HOME again on your keyboard to return to the top of the page. Let’s look at the basic options for making a Table of Contents (TOC) in a Word document.This choice is faster but we generally avoid it because a change in the headings, however minor, may be overlooked.We prefer to use ‘Update entire table’ to ensure the TOC is fully up to date.

However, you can assign any paragraph style to a level in the TOC.The basic TOC options haven’t changed for a long time.The look of the dialog boxes and galleries changed with Word 2007 however under those superficial features, the fundamentals are the same.Before you make your Table of Contents (aka TOC) you need to setup your document with headings that will make up the TOC.Word takes the text from paragraphs in nominated styles to make up the TOC.

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Alternatively pressing F9 will also update the To C because underneath the modern buttons and boxes is an old-fashioned Word field code .

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