Updating the database

So call the program with “sudo lensfun‑update‑data” and enter your root password.

There exists a second version of the programm called “g‑lensfun‑update‑data”.

Check for any themes that you may have installed in the to check/set permissions for the new features, if any.

There were several new features added to the file, make sure you have a group specified if you're having issues ( --group=groupnamehere).

So, it is desirable to update your copy of Lensfun's database to stay up-to-date.

Nominatim will work without this information but it will improve the quality of the results if this is installed.Don't forget to re-run `bundle install` when you change config/for using other database adapters.If you need to load some gems that are not required by Redmine core (eg.Also, make sure you follow the instructions here again if you only copied your Redmine.pm, and update your Apache configuration as the recommended configuration has changed.New lenses and cameras arrive at Lensfun every week.

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It is only there to allow the data to be updated from the latest changes from OSM.

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