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Hawaiians addressed prayers to various gods depending on the situation.When healers picked herbs for medicine, they usually prayed to Kū and Hina, male and female, right and left, upright and supine.Hawaiian religion originated among the Tahitians and other Pacific islanders who landed in Hawaiʻi between 5 AD.One Hawaiian creation myth is embodied in the Kumulipo, an epic chant linking the aliʻi, or Hawaiian royalty, to the gods.All was pono." "In the dominant current of Western thought there is a fundamental separation between humanity and divinity. In many other cultures, however, such differences between human and divine do not exist.Some peoples have no concept of a ‘Supreme Being’ or ‘Creator God’ who is by nature ‘other than’ his creation.

The kahuna were well respected, educated individuals that made up a social hierarchy class that served the King and the Courtiers and assisted the Maka'ainana (Common People). Then, "If the evil spirit suddenly appears (puoho) and possesses the patient, then he or she can be immediately saved by the conversation between the practitioner and that spirit." Pukui and others believed kahuna did not have mystical transcendent experiences as described in other religions.

They do, however, claim to experience a spirit world in which beings more powerful than they are concerned for them and can be called upon for help." "Along with ancestors and gods, spirits are part of the family of Hawaiians.

"There are many kinds of spirits that help for good and many that aid in evil. It is a wonderful thing how the spirits (ʻuhane) of the dead and the ‘angels’ (anela) of the ʻaumākua can possess living persons.

Thought to have arrived with Pāʻao, a priest or chief from Tahiti who arrived in Hawaiʻi sometime around 1200 AD, Hawaiian tradition shows that ʻAikapu was an idea led by the kahuna in order for Wākea, the sky father, to get alone with his daughter, Hoʻohokukalani without his wahine, or wife, Papa, the earth mother, noticing.

The spiritually pure or laʻa, meaning "sacred" and unclean or haumia were to be separated.

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