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If you think about it, cards produced in the 1950's are already over 50 years old!Condition: Condition is a huge factor in evaluating postcards.Was it made by a small town publisher, maybe in a small quantity of 100?Or by a large city publisher, produced in the thousands? It is not uncommon to see two identical cards at a show, with a great difference in asking price.Should you wish to “browse” the catalog, you may do so by clicking on the “ Previous” and “ Next” buttons at the bottom of each catalog page.To return to the main listing, click on the “ Go to Listing” button, which can also be found at the bottom of each catalog page.Today the series includes more that sixty different designs.For more about Schultz & Dooley character steins, see .

In 1959, trading on the popularity of television commercials for Utica Club beer starring two talking beer steins named Schutz and Dooley, the West End Brewing Company (WEBCO) contracted to import 5,000 ceramic sets of the now-famous duo from German stein manufacturer KING-Werk.

Black and white postcards are great examples of view postcards, but a true Real Photo postcard of the same place most often demands a much higher price.

Rarity: How many of this particular postcard were produced?

For example, in the Holiday postcard field, Birthday postcards are considered quite common.

Although beautiful, and often produced by famous publishers, they cannot rival the value of a Halloween postcard produced by the very same publisher.

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