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Do you really want to sell your products against content that features naked people dating? A spate of advertisers are pulling their ads from the third season of the controversial show "Dating Naked." Mondelez, hhgregg, and Henkel have directed VH1 to stop running their ads during "Dating Naked" programming, Advertising Age reports.

Despite the fact that the show doesn't feature full frontal nudity -- everyone's dirty bits are heavily pixelated -- the companies have decided they don't want to sell their goods to fans of nude romancing. Henkel hawks Dial, Right Guard, and Persil, among other products.

"I thought that if any one could keep up with me it would be the kind of person who would do something like this...

Cipriani and Aldrich could choose at the end to date one another or one of the other people they'd met during their stay.

Each one will select a young woman to accompany the platinum-selling artist on his national tour this summer.

What was it like essentially dating three guys at once for the whole trip? I will say the guys made a lot of what they were working with.

For me, I think the hardest thing is being as genuine as possible with every person. I don't know if I did give each person time alone with me and a chance of getting to know me during individual time. Did the guys ever comment on how well-endowed the other guys were? They all made a big deal about how they wouldn't talk about it, but they talked about it. I was more worried about my sweat showing than getting a sunburn.

In the end, she said, her boyfriend cheated on her with that girl.

The kicker: She was able to tell producers the story in the buff."After about 15 minutes you don't even realize the cameras are there anymore," Cipriani said.

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