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As Common Sense Media's parenting editor, Caroline helps parents make sense of what’s going on in their kids' media lives. I have been having so much trouble managing the parental controls on my son's PS4.From games to cell phones to movies and more, if you're wondering "what’s the right age for…? When he first got the console, he did not have an email address so I created an account for him with my email address.He plays under this account and all his progress is saved under this account.This is, frankly, obnoxious -- and I half wonder if there will be a lawsuit over this.People were sold one thing and then Sony retroactively decided to take away a feature that some found quite useful However, I imagine that in a world of interconnected devices, stories like this are going to become more common.

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Apparently because some people might possibly use it in a way that Sony didn't intend. Army did just that, buying more than 2,000 PS3s to build a supercomputer.

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