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Good to know the year of this machine it's a good runner however you say it was hopper cooled I am wondering if this could have been changed as it has the plate on top with the inch spout for a thermal syphon tank system connected as standard under the carby. I have a DK which is the kerosene version and it was converted to tank cooled by a bush mechanic.Was hoping to do a correct resto on it and wanted to have it as close to original as possible. I believe they just got too hot and used too much water as hopper cooled in Australia's heat.

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The Lister D came in a few horsepower ratings and speeds.

Cheers Scott Depending on work commitments I just may come to the rally.

As I recall, the chart only includes instruments through around 2006.

Why don't they update the database to include more recent numbers? They probably have better things to do with their time than keep a public database that is of very little value to them internally up-to-date.

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