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AE: What about the physicality of your relationship? They’re not like stereotypical idea of what lesbians are. When Aisha Hinds' junior high school tap dance instructor observed that she needed an outlet for expression that surpassed her tap shoes, she was guided to the High School of Performing Arts in New York - where her formal acting training began.After Ellen.com: What did you know about the character when you first got the script?Aisha Hinds: I didn’t know about the casting of the characters.However she is able to help out in the hospital during a deadly flu epidemic which has both she and her wife jumping into action to help everyone in need.We grabbed Aisha Hinds at a TCA party where she told us she loves to see tweets from After Ellen reader about the show and answered our questions about playing the role of Carolyn.AE: We saw that Alice was able to help in the hospital a few episodes back.

Even though on the surface there’s a lot of gore and and a lot of spectacle and blood and guts, but there’s also a lot of strong social commentary that he’s making in everything, and so I think that sort of fell in line with it. have the best time, me and Samantha, she’s wonderful. AE: We were just introduced to Norrie’s biological father. AH: It didn’t for the rest of the season, this season.

AH: There is an episode where you get that I come from a background of law and we’ve already gotten that Samantha comes from a background of medicine. AE: I have to say that as a fan of shows that are about dire world circumstances like has your relationship.

It’s not as literal for the rest of the season, but it will come out even more. AH: I love that they’re competent and you can see that they’re competent.

This powerful black actress has come under a lot of scrutiny by fans who suspect that she may be gay.

This perhaps is attributed to her boyish looks as she has maintained a low cut for a long time now.

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We’re only six episodes in since the show premiered this summer, but we’ve seen that Alice and Carolyn’s relationship is strained by Norrie’s rebellious nature, but they want to help her however they can.

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