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I've got a family here in California that will always be in my heart.I have had transfers where I am more obedient than others. Now that I've been on a mission I realize that a testimony isn't just saying "Oh, I've felt that spirit." Now I can say that I know these things are true.I mean if you like him Kenzie: Oh I LOVE HIM do you not remember Johnny? I seriously cannot believe that I'm going into my last full week as a missionary.

So the deacon suggests a radical sanation.(A radical sanation can also be used to correct mistakes, such as when the priest or deacon forgets to secure a needed dispensation from disparity of cult, or when the priest or deacon did not receive proper delegation to assist at the marriage.)For example, Paulo marries Jane in 1985, but they divorce in 1990.Kenzie&Annie: Well of course we were best friends but then Kenzie: Then I moved and i was so upset Annie: The universe reunited us! Kenzie: YEAAnnie: Omg*Squeals with Kenzie*Kenzie*Squeals with Annie**Phone rings*Hayden: Hey I got to take this Annie: oh ok*Phone rings*Annie: I have to take this and no it's not Hayden😂Kenzie: Ok I have to go anyways talk to you later? *On Hayden's call*Hayden's POVHayden: Hey Dad!!! Kenzie:*Hugs Annie*Annie*Hugs Kenzie Back*Hayden: So Kenzie what's up? Hayden: Seriously Kenzie: Yep Annie: Kenzie that's great... After a while they break up and Annie's connection with Johnny gets stronger Annie's POV Annie: So thanks for helping me Hayden: No problem,my friends are here! Annie: um I-i-Hayden: Yes she did but she's still heartbroken Carson: oh Annie I'm so sorry Annie: It's fine😞Hayden: Annie Annie:*Looks up into Hayden's eyes*Hayden:*Looks into Annie's eyes* Carson:*Looks at Johnny awkwardly*Johnny:*Looks at Carson awkwardly*Annie: I um I was dating Brennan but he broke up with me for Jayden Bartels Hayden: what do you mean Johnny : I'm gonna go bye Hayden Carson: Yea me too nice meeting you Annie ???? Annie: Nice to- KENZIE ITS ANNIE LEBLANCKenzie: ANNIE! : Hayden how is my BFF-um who's this Annie: Hi I'm Annie... I've missed you so much so has mads😩😊Hayden: You guys know each other???

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  1. Season 3, Episode 21March 16, 2001Norm and Laurie find that mother and father may not know best after taking in a Cuban refugee (Alvin Alvarez) who takes them for a ride. But when Shelly reveals her love for the naughty Norm, she gets her heart broken by her co-workers' cowardly charade.