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I am absolutely overjoyed to find myself still here on this earth, experiencing the most extreme happiness every day, in the company of my dear family and friends. After the horrors I have lived through, and the despair I have felt, every breath is truly a gift.

I am so grateful for my freedom and the person I am now, even if I had to endure such painful experiences to get here.

Larry King, who I’ve always admired for his ability to dig beneath the surface of a subject.

“But people appreciate more how you’re doing when they know what you’ve been through,” he said.

Also, Gordon had threatened me for so long about what would happen if I told anyone what he did to me behind closed doors that I was still terrified he might find a way to harm me, or my family.

For the longest time, I did not understand that abuse is a universal horror that happens to women of every race, religion and social class.

I’m sure this helped to make Michael and I vulnerable to our eventual fates, as did the fact that we didn’t really understand the value of money, having always grown up with the ability to earn plenty.

But as a child and young woman, I was cheerful and helpful, and I wanted for nothing in the world.

It truly is the most wonderful feeling to finally be free from the misery of my prior life.

I traveled the world, making a very good living as an entertainer.

I spent all of my time with my family, who were my best friends, and the people I loved most in the world.

The truth is that I didn’t want to author that first book.

My ex-manager, Jack Gordon, made me publish the book and speak out against my will in its pages, just as he forced me to marry him in 1989, and made me make so many career moves that were contrary to my wishes and beliefs.

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