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Collins joined The Supernatural star is off the market as he is married to a lady named Victoria Vantoch.

Vantoch is an author as well as a sex historian (a person who researches sex history).

“Welcome to the end,” he said as he brought up swarms of souls from Hell, including at least some of Sam and Dean’s old cases.

(one of the longest running TV series in America) comes to an end, it is not only the evil-fighting Winchester brothers that will be missed.

This fact has contributed to their close relationship and the actor often posts about his brother on his social media handles. Karla is a psychological thriller based on the real-life crime of a Canadian couple named Paul and Karla.

Paul was a serial killer and rapist and enlisted the help of his wife to get victims, including his wife’s younger sister.

The future Hollywood star also studied Social Theory at the University of Chicago; obtaining his degree in 1997.

The actor has disclosed that his family is an irreligious one and that they endured some tough times (including bouts of homelessness) while growing up.

Collins and his brother, Sasha, closely resemble each other and can even pass for twins.

Misha Collins played the role of Paul while Laura Prepon portrayed Karla.

The movie received negative reviews as the critics felt that it de-emphasized the sufferings of the victims whilst making Karla be a victim herself.

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