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And, there were few hints coming out that somehow proved Krista Allen’s boyfriend Fillion is looking forward to making his life funnier by marrying Krista.The first hint was that Nathan has already met Krista’s son.“The writing is there already to give that kind of back and forth between the guy and the girl character,” she adds.“Now if we’re making out behind the scenes, I can’t really tell you guys that,” she teases at the end. I read Andrew Marlowe's interview where he talks about season 4.Stana's also in a movie called "CBGB" that's releasing later this year (2013) The eighth season was scheduled to premiere on September 21, 2015.The series "Castle" (2009) stars Nathan Fillion (Firefly) and Stana Katic.

Since their on-screen connection seems so genuine, fans believe that the couple is together in real life.

And the 2015 Instagram posts of Days of Our Lives star, Krista Allen proves that these two were in love. Looking at the divorces Krista Allen had, it looks like she is unlucky when it comes to love and affair.

But, after her two unsuccessful marriages, it seemed Krista finally found the man of her dream.

She has worked in several TV shows till now including ' Heroes', ' CSI: Miami' and so on.

Furthermore, Stana has voiced for a video game ' Batman: Arkham City'.

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