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According to Allen Campbell, Brady avoids tomatoes because of the inflammation they cause. Tomatoes are the richest source of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant.A 2012 study published in showed that a meal containing tomatoes reduced levels of inflammation and oxidation following the meal.Tom Brady’s diet is making headlines after his personal chef told the details of what he eats. He did take a Certificate Program in Plant-Based nutrition offered by e Cornell and taught by Dr. The whole situation is a great example of something I have seen for years: Just because you have a lot of money and influence doesn’t mean you get good health and medical advice.Brady is apparently so diligent about nutrition that he avoids white sugar, white flour, iodized salt, eggplant, tomatoes, and fruit. Unfortunately, Brady’s diet is full of buzzwords, not science.The article doesn’t say why Brady shuns fruit, but the fear typically comes from the fact that fruit is high in the sugar fructose.Some people mistakenly think that fructose is bad for you because of an outdated understanding of how fructose works in your body.

So it actually seems silly to cut out fruit, which is a major source of antioxidants and nutrients that can help fight those two things.

Sure, you may not be able to reach the same spots that a trainer would — although you could buy a Brady-branded vibrating foam roller for 0 to help — but you'll be doing something to keep your muscles lengthy and supple.

It's hard to imagine that the workout actually works (especially the part where you have to wear special pajamas) but a writer over at Sports Illustrated tried it in July and found that despite his misgivings, he felt great, lost weight (when he went on Brady's diet), and was able to recover faster after playing sports.

This is Brady's "prehab," and it's something many NFL athletes do to avoid injuries before they happen.

(In fact, it's pretty common for football players to focus on mobility instead of chucking weights around.) For Brady, it's worked.

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