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Lauper responded with a hammerlock, pinning him against the wall.Little did WWE fans know, that cameo would be the catalyst for a high-profile rivalry. Richter After Albano visited Lauper's world, the singer returned the favor.And upon meeting the man who had accompanied the likes of The Russian Bear Ivan Koloff and The Wild Samoans to the ring, Wolff wasn't satisfied with a one-off interaction.He and Lauper invited Albano to appear in one of the pop star's music videos.When he followed that up with a barrage of insults, Lauper snapped.She flipped over a table and smacked Albano about the head with her purse.Wolff's passion, Lauper's star power and Garland's favorable impression of Mc Mahon led to the MTV-WWE convergence. And once the referee announced Richter's victory, Lauper went from defiant to celebratory. Lauper's presence pushed a standard wrestling narrative into the mainstream. The Brawl to End It All main event pulled in a massive 9.0 rating, as Geno Mrosko noted for Cageside Seats.

His intro song was "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" by The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Some of these players won Olympic medals before becoming wrestlers, while others became wrestlers after being cut from NFL teams.

Two famous NBA stars even competed against each other in the ring.

Wolff convinced his colorful client to cross-promote with wrestling. Lauper agreed to plug Mc Mahon's spandex-filled circus when she appeared on Johnny Carson's shows, as she noted in her autobiography. Lauper appeared in a The fiery brawler nearly always got into fights with his guests, verbal and/or physical.

This time, though, it was Lauper who dished out the violence.

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In 1995, Ken Shamrock won the UFC Superfight Championship.

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